We empower, connect,
and elevate women lawyers

With deep law firm experience and a passion for supporting women, our highly-credentialed

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We seamlessly integrate cutting edge leadership, business development, and wellness research to empower women lawyers with the precise knowledge, skills, and behaviors that drive sustainable success in law firms and in life.

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We curate peer groups comprised of cohorts of similarly situated women lawyers. These groups become part of a broader alumnae network that shares experiences, best practices, and provides ongoing collective support.

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Our master-level coaches possess decades of experience working with laywers, and lead each cohort to nurture a rich learning and growth environment, powerful conversation, as well as a collective commitment to action.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

A collective of highly-experienced leadership, business development and wellness coaches
With deep law firm experience and a passion for supporting women, our highly-credentialed experts partner with women lawyers to amplify their success and happiness.

What We Do

Essential skills development, a curated community, and continuous coaching
Our research-based, holistic approach integrates three fundamental disciplines to create sustainable success in work and life: leadership, business development and wellness.
Our Impactful Outcomes

Our Impactful Outcomes

Hear from participants about our empowering, transformative and lasting results
See quantifiable increases in promotion and retention rates, and life and career-changing benefits.

Our Mission

To empower, connect, and elevate the professional and personal lives of women attorneys

Through essential skills development, community, and ongoing
coaching, we provide a path for greater personal and professional
fulfillment in a complex and demanding industry.

What We Do


“WLF has had more beneficial impact on my career development as a senior lawyer than any mentor or matter I have ever had.”
Annie Froehlich
Counsel, Latham & Watkins
“The first question people ask is “How much time will this take?” The second is “is it worth my time? With WLF you conclude it IS a good investment in you. At the end, you can’t even directly quantify the benefits (it’s exponential)!”
AmLaw 50 Firm